Spring is here and so is Mr. Sun. There is no better way to celebrate than with sweet little somethings to chew on. I like to involve my children in my acrobatics in the kitchen, especially when this leads me out into the garden, as it does when sun-drying fruits. My favorite fruits to sun-dry are apples and strawberries, and although getting this sweet and happy snack done requires some waiting, it is extremely easy.

Strawberry Field Fun - Voices from the Ville

All you need is dry, hot weather, a drying rack and patience. Since I use only organic fruit I enjoy having my little missy either help me pick them from our garden, or accompany me to the farmers market and let her choose them herself. This way she feels like she´s truly a part of making such sweetness for the family.

Easy Fruit Drying - Voices from the Ville

Sun-drying fruits. The easy-peasy-patience-taking way:

  • wash your apples and strawberries
  • peel and core your apples (great tute on how to core apples here) then cut into slices, as thin as possible (don´t worry if your slice doesn´t come out whole), set aside
  • have the kids chop the strawberries (strawberries that are going to be sun dried are perfect for letting kids cut since they shouldn´t be thinly sliced – they get really sticky, and if they are too thin they stick to the drying rack)
  • lay your fruit out on your rack without overlapping, have the kids help (it´s sort of like putting a puzzle together)
  • set out to dry in the sun, this process could take a few days (do not leave out overnight)
  • make sure you turn your fruit over every now and then, and move the rack around so that it is directly under the sun for as long as possible
  • once you feel there is no humidity left in your fruit, store in a bottle at room temperature (you may find that not all your fruit finishes the drying phase simultaneously – some pieces may require being left out a bit longer – remember to be patient)
  • you can serve this yummy healthy snack alone or on top of cereal. Enjoy

About drying racks:

Delicious Strawberries - Voices from the Ville

At home we like to use wooden racks or my favorite bamboo tray. What’s important is that you use something sanitary and safe. You can find helpful information about food drying and drying racks here.

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Claudia Almandoz


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