My entire “before children” life consisted of fashion school and a career in the fashion industry; so it is needless to say that fashion has always been one of my passions. Up until the birth of my son, I owned a women’s showroom. After selling the showroom, I felt so removed from the fashion industry. Missing that part of me, I think I channeled all of my “fashion energy” into my own kid’s clothing. In doing so, two things I quickly realized….there was a huge void in the market for little boys clothes, and I was beyond over the baby blue color palettes and onesies for them.

Determined, I began scouring the markets, for cool and hip threads for my son. Fortunately today, there are many more resources than four years ago. Now preparing my children’s closets for spring fashions, here are my go to brands and stores that I adore for boys, girls and baby.

Boys Clothes - Voices from the Ville

For the Boys

For my son, I love to load up on tons of tee shirts and shorts for spring.  I’m wild about rocker type graphic tees, with some of my favorite brands including Munster Kids, Zara, Nununu, and Crew Cuts. For shorts, H&M always carries a great selection of cargo shorts with plenty of shades to choose from. Another store I adore in NYC is Bitz Kids, especially for sweat shorts, perfect for camp days! For sneakers, I’ve been digging the latest collections of Creative Recreation, Sudo, and Converse. As a rule of thumb, I always carry a second pair of kicks for my son, since we all know how days spent in the park can wear and tear especially on little boys.  And for those water park days, he always rocks Crocs or Natives

Girls Clothes - Voices from the Ville

For The Girls

 When I found out that we were having a daughter, I figured shopping for girls would be way more fun than boys. As it turns out, yes, there may be an abundance of girls clothing available, but not all of it is as cute as you may expect. And, girls clothing requires more accessorizing like headbands, scarves, and jewelry. Some of my favorite brands include Mini Rodini, Zara, and Ella Moss. Fancier frocks I always turn to Woven Play or Tutu du Monde. I found adorable jelly slip-ins from Old Navy and cute converse-like sneakers from H&M for days in the playground. My daughter is only 21 months but insists on dressing herself, so make sure to stock your child’s closets with what you like and then they can choose from there.

Baby Clothes - Voices from the Ville

For Baby

Just having had a baby girl, now I have my eye on all of the kids markets. This spring season, I stocked up on tons of Bobo ChosesGo Gently Baby, and Thief and Bandit leggings, all of which are perfect for girls or boys. Freshly Picked are my favorite shoes because they are great for prewalkers, and they are available in a wide range of colors. To accessorize baby, a Aden & Anais bamboo swaddle is ideal for days outside on the grass, or even to use as a stroller blanket!

Overall, whether coordinating their duds with one another or crafting unique looks for each, I get so much joy shopping for my kids. And surprisingly, they are still very comfortable, while looking super chic! Happy Spring!


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Brianne Manz


Brianne Manz is a fashion showroom owner turned mom of two (almost three), and blogger. She lives with her husband Jason, son Ryder 4 years old, daughter Siella 21 months, and two dogs in Battery Park City. When Ryder was born in 2008, Brianne decided that she wanted to devote all of her time to her family, and sold her showroom. As time passed, parenthood proved to be extremely rewarding, but she longed for something for herself-some kind of creative outlet. Inspired by the incredible energy of the city, Brianne felt that she could serve as a resource for moms looking for lifestyle tips, along with advice for their kids, themselves and their entire family. Take the idea of friends buzzing about life, love, and luxury, a la Sex and the City and centering it on the family was her basis, she decided to write a blog called Stroller in the City. There she posts about places to shop, eat, and things to do with your little ones. Brianne has been quoted saying “Being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff”.