One evening, I was pushing my three-year-old son home from school at a fairly quick clip. His stroller caught the edge of the sidewalk, and I flipped over the top of the handlebars. When I came to, he was hanging upside down suspended from the stroller straps – and I was flat on my back. He looked over at me, and said, “Mom, you need TO SLOW DOWN!”

In this particular situation, I was forced to concede that he had a point.  Frequently, it feels like I’m racing against the clock. I’m a busy mom working a full-time job, and when I’m not doing that I’m hunched over the computer attempting to get my startup Mama411 off the ground. On a weekday, you can typically find me running for the subway, choking down lunch at my desk, and picking up birthday gifts, school supplies, or dinner in between. It can be happy chaos, but it is sometimes just plain old stressful.

Stressed Mama - Voices from the Ville

Taking it down a notch has been both necessary and painful. It’s hard to get rid of the feeling that you should be doing “something” even when you’re supposed to be doing “nothing”. It’s been a few months though since the stroller incident, and I do think I’m making progress. These days I recognize that there’s very little work that can’t be done just a tiny-bit, teensy-bit later. Or tomorrow. And sometimes, never. Organizing my closet….yeah, that’s a never.

Weekends these days are sacrosanct. They’re for chocolate chip pancakes, cuddling, and trips to the museum. They’re for on-demand movies, and a glass of wine with my husband, a guy who is endlessly understanding about the ridiculous amount of unpaid work I do at all hours of the night.

Snuggling Couple - Voices from the Ville

Like right now. It’s one o’clock in the morning, and I’m writing this blog post in bed while he sleeps. It’s taking me three days to write three hundred words which is highly uncharacteristic of me, and the words just aren’t flowing like they usually do. We’re on vacation, and I know it’s time to stop staring at a blinking cursor and call it quits…

Any minute now.

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Sari Nickelsburg

Sari Nickelsburg


Sari Nickelsburg is the founder of Mama411, a local events guide and newsletter for families in New York City going mobile this spring. She lives downtown with her husband and toddler, and drinks what her doctor feels is an unhealthy amount of iced coffee. You can follow Sari on Twitter @SariNickelsburg, but you’ll find her more often@Mama411NYC.