One of NYC’s most loved and sought-after family & event photographers reveals some of her best tips for photographing children.


1. Know your subject.

Choose a location where your child feels
comfortable and at ease. If your child loves to run, photograph her in the
park. If he loves to curl up at home and read his favorite book, use storytime
as your setting.


2. Use natural light. 

A flash can frighten babies and young children,
add harsh shadows and produce red eye. Try to use natural light, preferably
sunlight, when possible.

Natural Lighting

Use natural light


3. Focus on the eyes.

A sharp, tight shot of your child’s eyes is like looking into their soul. Keep it simple.


4. Get down low with your child.

The photos taken from their level and perspective will be more unique and personal than those taken from up above.


Shoot at eye level


5. Fill the whole frame.

Don’t be afraid to get up close with your subject. But more active kids may be tough to capture, so keep your distance and use a zoom lens for the same effect.


6. Experiment with compositions and angles.

You can get a little artsy by focusing in on different body parts: hands, ears, lips, belly buttons, etc. Have fun with it!




7. Take tons of photos.

Don’t be too concerned about getting that one “perfect shot.” If you’re patient and relaxed, there will always be some great options to choose from.


8. Include other people and family pets.

Sometimes it’s a good idea to include your child’s favorite doll, ball or toy in the photo—or even the family cat or dog. Use something you associate with your child for when you look back on the photos in the future.


9. Choose non-distracting backgrounds.

Some of the most picturesque settings are wide, green fields and well-lit rooms with simple walls and floors. If something in the background doesn’t add to the photo, remove it so that the subject remains the focus.

Four Kids

Use non-distracting backgrounds

10. Be playful so that your child has fun.

Make sure to engage with and capture your child doing something fun like running, jumping, swimming, laughing, or playing with favorite toys. Even simple activities like coloring, watching a favorite movie, eating or sleeping can produce beautiful, intimate photos. When you connect with the child, it makes a world of difference in the final product.


11.  If all else fails, you know where to find me 😉


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Heidi Green

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Heidi Green


Heidi is called upon by NYC’s savviest, in-the-know moms, as well as top event planners and party venues to capture their fun. Her repertoire has expanded over the years to include weddings, showers, engagements, and mitzvahs. Whether it’s a portrait session or special celebration, Heidi approaches each shoot with a unique blend of perfectionism and passion… and it shines through in each and every photo!