My daughter, Faith, is almost six years old and for as long as I can remember, she has loved doing art projects. I love watching how increasingly detailed her pictures become over time. Because I think art is so important, it is something I encourage in Faith by trying to make sure that she always has the right tools available to her whenever she feels creative (often even in the car).


Re-purposed Kitchen Tool Organizer

Faith has several plastic shoe boxes of craft supplies in our craft/scrapbooking space downstairs, and she also has some basic items, such as colors and paper, readily available in her bedroom. Over the years I have tried to keep everything corralled neatly, though those storage solutions have changed and evolved over time. This re-purposed kitchen tool organizer is one way I’ve organized her supplies, and it has been successful enough that we’ve kept it that way for quite a while now. Besides being able to spin so she can easily access everything, it is portable enough that she can move it from her bedroom to the living room. It also holds a variety of supplies such as markers, colored pencils, glue sticks, a roll of tape (otherwise she’s constantly stealing from my desk!), and scissors, and does it in a way that is less likely to be tipped over and dumped out. (Always a bonus!)

You can dress up a plain organizer in a variety of ways, but I recently have been on a Washi-tape-spree and was excited at the prospect of having one more thing I could Washi! I think it adds just enough color and interest, and it literally took about five minutes!

What do you think? Do you have a DIY project you love?

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