Food is always more fun for kids when it looks creative and exciting! If you need quick and easy ideas to make food exciting, Pinterest is where to go! It is one of my favorite resources when hunting for new ways to create food for kids!Here are some fantastic fun food ideas that I have used for parties with some extra advice on how to make your party amazing using food!

Find some awesome cookie cutters that relate to the theme of your party and use them to make cute fruit shapes! You do not need to be an artist when using cookie cutters so stock up on them for fruit, veggies, and sandwiches! Plus, they become edible decorations to jazz up your theme!

Fun Party Fruit - Voices from the Ville

Fun Fruit Shapes

Cake pops have become so popular for parties, but try brownie pops for a fun change! You can easily purchase brownies at the store, dip them in colored white chocolate and decorate with a variety of sprinkles! Simple and delicious for any type of party!

Delicious Cake Pops - Voices from the Ville

Food on a stick is always fun! Almost anything can be used and it will be a crowd pleaser for children and adults! Your cookie cutters will come in handy for this idea as well! Cut out fun shapes before strategically placing items on the stick to create a fantastic display of food! Have a fun selection to choose from! For example “Grandma’s Favorite Recipe” could be a combination of the host’s favorite foods or organize the food by color or theme. Then make fun food labels to stand up next to each!

Dessert Skewers - Voices from the Ville

Decorating stations for parties make ordinary food fun! From cookies to cupcakes or hot dogs to pizza, when guests get to decorate their own they will have a blast!

Yummy Cookie Sandwiches - Voices from the Ville

Serving food easily turns into a fun activity that everyone will enjoy! You can also have boxes off to the side for guests to take their creation home as a favor!

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Do you have any fun food ideas to share?

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