A beauty regimen and a baby do not usually go hand in hand. Let’s face it, between the lack of sleep and hardly having a moment to yourself, our beauty routines tend to fall last on our very long list of things to do. However, having a baby does have its beauty perks, such as some fantastic products! There are a few baby products that have become official members of my daily beauty team.

Johnson's Baby Formula - Voices from the Ville

Use the Original Formula

First up on the list is Johnson & Johnson Baby Wash, the original formula! Over the years I have tried every cleanser and face wash under the sun and after the first time I scrubbed my face with J&J I was hooked. The original J&J leaves my face super clean without drying it out and is an amazing makeup remover! The tear-free formula easily washes away even the most stubborn mascara without irritating your eyes! Can I hear a hallelujah for that? I will never purchase another kind of cleanser again. Honestly where can you find a face wash that cleans, removes, hydrates, smells great, doesn’t irritate and is under $3 for a huge bottle? Nowhere other than Johnson & Johnson Original Head to Toe Baby Wash.

Johnson's Baby Powder- Voices from the Ville

Who Would Have Thought?

Another baby product that I cannot live without is Baby Powder! Why buy fancy dry shampoo when you have baby powder in the house already? Simply shake a little bit onto your finger tips and carefully dab the oily areas near your roots for an instant rejuvenation! I always have a travel size bottle in my purse for a mid-day hair pick me up!

A and D Ointment - Voices from the Ville

Sure Fire Lip Relief

Now that your face and hair look flawless because of those baby products it’s time to move onto your lips! Do you want to heal your winter burned lips?  The answer again is in your diaper bag! A+ D Diaper Rash Ointment is one of my favorite beauty products ever invented! My lips thank me every night and every morning when I apply it. With the summer months quickly approaching lip relief from the sun becomes very important. A + D will also help dry elbows, knees, heels and anywhere else that needs a moisture boost.

You and your baby deserve the best when it comes to products that work, so next time you are packing your diaper bag, smile because most of those items are for you too!

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Are there any baby products that you use to increase YOUR mommy beauty?

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