With Mother’s Day right around the corner, here are five great ways that almost every child, with a little help from dad, can make this year’s Mother’s Day a day to remember!

~Greeting Cards:

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Have Dad, or another family member help you take some fun photos!  Print them off, glue them to card stock, and create your very own set of greeting cards!  Your mom can send them to friends and loved ones throughout the year!  Imagine her surprise to see a card designed by you!

~Rocks of Inspiration:

Gift Ideas for Mommy - Voices from the Ville

Kids always seem captivated by rocks of funky shapes and sizes.  Help your little ones hunt for some rocks, and paint them bright colors.  Once they are dry, help them paint on fun decorations or words to fill Mom’s bucket on Mother’s Day.    These rocks can be used as paperweights or in decorative bowls around the house!

~Framed Artwork:

Gift Ideas for Mommy - Voices from the Ville

Take a recent drawing, painting or art project from school or daycare, or whip up something new.  Hit your attic, or local craft store to find a frame that fits.  This treasure will be sure to brighten Mom’s office or a special space at home!

~Flower Pots:

Gift Ideas for Mommy - Voices from the Ville

Exercise your green thumb by painting a flowerpot for Mom.  Have your child use paintbrushes, sponges, thumb prints, feet, or toes to create flowerpot art.  What a precious memory your mom will have, not to mention a clever way to log how fast your little tootsies were growing!  Imagine Mom planting this pot year after year!

~Breakfast in Bed:

Gift Ideas for Mommy - Voices from the Ville

Make your mom’s day EXTRA special by taking over the kitchen.  Create a breakfast full of your mother’s favorite foods, and sprinkle in some love and she’ll get up with a smile on her face.  This present is just as fun for Dad, as he can build precious memories cooking with the kids!

Share this article with your little one to help guide them towards making a memorable Mother’s Day present that really means something special!


Have a great Mother’s Day!


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