Mother’s Day came and went, but for me somehow this year it was different. Not in the way that I thought it would be different – an aha moment of “I’m a mom!” but more of a new found respect, sense of awe, and thankfulness for my fellow moms. For some reason this year I realized just how much I depend on my fellow moms for guidance and support.

Sure, I could make it through motherhood without them (I mean, theoretically…) but I wouldn’t want to. Who would I text at 3am while breastfeeding to have an actual conversation? Who would I bemoan the extreme exhaustion I was feeling? Who could debate the pros and cons of sleep training methods with me?

Motherhood Sisters - Voices from the Ville

Just the twelve of us!

Yes, I absolutely and unequivocally talk to my husband about these things, but the man can only take so much deliberation. Fact: I may or may not have debated for weeks the purchase of a second baby monitor when we had baby #2. And maybe my girlfriends were being polite, but they didn’t seem to tire of it.

My mommy network is vast, from other moms I work with, to playgroup moms, to moms that I have connected to online that I have never even met in person. I am eternally grateful for each of these groups in and of themselves, but even more thankful that they make up a larger puzzle of my mommy support system. After all, motherhood is not for the faint of heart. Anyone that disagrees is just flagrantly lying. It means the world to me that I can come as I am to these women – showered or not, makeup or not, and they will hear me out. They will kick me in the butt when I need it. They will give me a shoulder to cry on when I need it. They will let me use profanity and not judge.

Mommy Support System - Voices from the Ville

A great support system

So this Mother’s Day not only was I completely filled with love and gratitude for my beautiful offspring, but I also couldn’t help but smile and be grateful for the amazing network of women I know, trust, and love.


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Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks is a nurse that has worked in both fertility and neonatal ICU. She lives with her husband and two wonderful sons outside of Washington, D.C.