As a homeschooling mom, I often get comments from other moms like “My kids would drive me crazy!” or “I could never be around my kids all day!”

Let’s be clear. Some days my kids do drive me crazy and sometimes it is hard facing the day knowing we have so much “together time” ahead of us. However, I am convinced the only way this lifestyle works for our family is because I have been very intentional about setting boundaries annually, monthly, weekly, and even daily so that motherhood does not suffocate me.

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Every year I getaway for a weekend with a couple of my closest friends (most of whom are not moms). There is no agenda. We sleep, talk, and eat a lot. The away time actually gives me a chance to miss my kids (and renews my hubby’s appreciation for me since he has kid duty for the weekend).


I make it a point to get out with other moms at least once a month. The uninterrupted conversations with other moms gives me perspective and refuels me enough to charge ahead in this season of motherhood. Often, I coordinate the event so I have to be there. I am so blessed to have a husband who supports me when I need some girl-time. (Don’t worry. He gets plenty of opportunities for getting out, too.)

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Sleep-in Saturdays have probably saved my sanity and marriage. When our first two kiddos were around three and five, we started letting them fend for themselves on Saturday morning so we could catch up on “sleep.” They roll out of bed anytime after 7AM, fix themselves a frozen waffle, granola bar, or bowl of dry cereal and watch cartoons until we decide to join the land of the living. In general, I try to limit screen time but on Saturday mornings, it is not unusual for them to watch three hours of television. I figure it is a small price to pay for the benefits.


Call me crazy, but I am a morning person. Since having kids, mornings and I have a sort of love-hate relationship. The sleep-deprived part hates when the alarm goes off at 5:30AM but the morning person part loves being productive before the kids get up. The kids have a 7AM Rule. I am not allowed to see any little faces before 7AM. Before our kids could tell time, we put a digital clock with all but the hour digit covered up and told them not to come out unless they saw a 7. This allows me time to work and shower in peace…assuming I get up in time.

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These boundaries ensure I have time to maintain my identity as someone other than a mom. After all, I am still a woman and one who loves photography, dance, fitness, friends, and wine.


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What is your path to sanity?

Melissa Corkum

Melissa Corkum


A photography-dabbling, veggie-loving, housework-hating, triathlon-trying, black belt-seeking, grace-needing mom, Melissa blogs primarily about homeschooling and raising kids from hard places. She has 6 kids ranging from 6 to 15.