When I became a mom, I slid several spaces down my priority list. I bypassed my favorite stores and bought kid couture at shopping malls. I stocked my kitchen cabinets with Cheerios, Goldfish and other finger foods. I scheduled pediatrician appointments, preschool tours and professional photo shoots. As I made the world go round for my child, my world outside of motherhood stood still.  But now I’m finally taking time to take care of myself—well, at least when something comes up.

I Scheduled a Doctor’s Appointment.

A couple of days ago, my throat started to feel sore. I blamed it on the change in temperature and didn’t let the minor ailment hold me down. I went to work and the pain progressively got worse. When I went to the doctor, I was diagnosed with strep throat. Since the condition’s contagious, my aunts volunteered to keep my daughter overnight. If I didn’t take time to take care of myself, I may have been nursing a sick child this week as well.

I Went to the Dentist.

Last month, I had a similar incident occur. My gums felt tender, so I called the dentist for a cleaning and exam. I learned that a cavity cracked.  Despite having insurance—without a copay, I hadn’t sat in a dentist’s chair in a year.

I Got a Massage, Mani & Pedi.

To celebrate my birthday, I spent the day at a salon.  It was long overdue! My massage therapist had to pull out a heated bamboo stick to loosen my tight muscles.

I Started to Workout.

I haven’t been inside a gym, since I gave birth almost two years ago. To motivate myself out of a workout rut, I created a Dirty Girls run team called First Time Mudders. Next month, I’ll join other moms who don’t mind getting their hands dirty for a good cause. We’ll raise money for breast cancer and push each other outside of comfort zones as we push through a 5K mud filled obstacle course.

Although I’m still not at the top of my priority list, I’m working my way up each day. This year, I plan to schedule appointments in advance instead of waiting until something goes wrong. I am learning that in order to make the world go round for everyone else, I must make my world more balanced.


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Heather Hopson

Heather Hopson


Not long ago, Heather Hopson was a TV host in the Cayman Islands. Today, she’s back home writing a different kind of story as a new mom for her new blog Diary of a First Time Mom. Follow her journey through motherhood as she confesses about transitioning to her new role, dating as a single parent and loving her little one.