Since we’re celebrating dads and husbands this month, I wanted to share this cool thing that some of my husband’s friends do.  I think it’s genius and it’s called the Dads Only Weekend.

It goes like this: for one weekend in the summer, Friday night through Sunday, the dads in this group take the kids away together. Usually they go camping as it’s easy, doesn’t require much planning and makes them feel like men, grrr. They pack provisions, camp together as a group and look after the kids together, doing all sorts of activities from swimming in the sea to building dams. (The images in this post are from Cool Camping, a British website about lovely places to go camping.)

Cool Camping - Voices from the Ville

Up until now, my daughter has been a bit too young to go, but I’m hoping that this year she and my husband will take part.

It’s great for the dads, as they get to do some proper bonding, not just with their kids but with other fathers too. Men never seem to get a chance to do this, do they? It’s great for the kids as they are off the leash a little, doing something they wouldn’t normally do, and with a different group of friends. It’s a little wilder and less well-planned than anything they’d do with me! And it’s really great for moms to get a weekend off every now and again.

I know that I see my mom friends a lot and their kids a lot too; dad bonding just doesn’t happen enough. I’m already thinking about what I can be doing while they’re away having fun and am dying for a break somewhere new and away from the city.

Does anyone else have Dads Only Weekends or any fun rituals that help dads bond with their kids?


Image Source:// Cool Camping

Laura Hall

Laura Hall


Laura Hall is a mom of one and the Communications Manager of Kid & Coe, a new vacation rental website simplifying modern family travel. She loves to travel, explore and experience new things and has worked as a travel journalist for over ten years.