Remember the life you used to have “PM”?  (pre-mom, or, asI refer to it, pre-Maximo). Remember all those late nights out when you used to get home at 5 am instead of getting up at 5 am for a bottle? Money used to be spent on a sexy dress and getting a manicure for the big night out instead of diapers and formula? Or looking way back – remember the last time you heard the lapping of ocean waves with NO crying babies tugging at your bathing suit?

If all of that is a faint distant memory – you, my friend, are in need of a “momcation”. Now I am not saying go out and get rip roaring drunk like you did on your 21st birthday – but it’s important to remember who you were PM, and to revisit it from time to time. I believe to be the best mom you can be, you have to be a tiny bit selfish and save some time for yourself. Once we become moms, we devote our entire being to this tiny little person and never find time for a shower let alone a 5-day trip to the beach sans baby. Here is why I am going to convince you to go:

Here are the 3 Reasons YOU CAN take a Momcation

1.  Repeat after me: YES YOU CAN. Now take a deep breath. Yes, you deserve some time and yes, the kids WILL survive without you. They need to realize that no matter what, you’re ALWAYS going to come back to them – and how can they ever really know that if you never leave?

–          That’s what Technology is For. You’ll never be farther than a FaceTime or Skype call away. Even the most remote places on earth have WiFi these days – and most of it is FREE! Now, this doesn’t mean spend your vaca checking emails and Facebook.

Vacation FaceTiming - Voices from the Ville

–          They’ll appreciate you – even more. As much as you say it over and over – no one really believes or understands how much you actually DO all day – until they have to do it themselves.

–          They’ll survive without you. As hard as it may seem to believe – you aren’t the only one who can change a diaper and sing your baby to sleep. That’s not to say they don’t PREFER you, but hey, all the more reasons they’ll be happy to have you back when you return! These small times of separation will help them learn to be more independent – and I can’t think of a better life-skill in the world today. Plus, the next time you want to take a night out, it won’t be as big of a deal.

–         You’ll learn to let go. Yes, we moms think and know how to do everything the RIGHT way – but you’ll quickly see that life will survive while you’re gone. It might not flourish, and you might have quite the messy house to return to – but hey – they survived!

2. Not sure you’re ready for that full 3-4 day getaway just yet?

There are TONS of local spots to escape to that are only an hour or two away. You know, just in case you really do get home sick and need to drive back home in the middle of the night. My favorite picks?

–         If you want to party, and dance and gamble – Atlantic City. Only a couple hours away is your own little mini Vegas. So if you need to burn some steam, scream, shout and let it all out – this is your spot!

Night out with the Girls - Voices from the Ville

–         If you want to escape from the city for some trees and quiet. Poconos Mountains. 90  minutes and you’re in the middle of lush forests, trickling streams and tons of trails to lose yourself on. If it’s spending time with nature you need, this is the place to check out.

Escape from the City - Voices from the Ville

–         If you want some Nantucket-style beach. Connecticut. If bed and breakfast, fishing and lots of polo shirts sounds amazing – try upstate Connecticut. Bonus – the drive up through NY is beautiful!

Exploring New York - Voices from the Ville

–         If you only want to attempt a day trip – Jersey Shore/Long Island. We have some pretty cool beaches right here in NYC, and most of it was hit pretty hard by the hurricane. So if you only want to try a few hours away – try one of our own! You get to relax and show your city some love.

Beaches of Jersey - Voices from the Ville

3. Don’t have a lot of money to book a trip? 

There are TONS of ways to travel for cheap if you know where to look –

–         Discount sites. Living Social and Groupon always have great getaways that are packaged and discounted. We have found a lot of great weekend trips this way. Check out other get tops sites here.

– – If you’re looking for a tropical getaway, this site boasts all the sun you can soak up – and usually all packaged together for you including airfare AND all-inclusive resorts (think all you can eat AND drink). Usually, you can find a 3-5 night get away for around $1,000 or less a person!

–         Find cheap airfare! and Is one of the best cheap airfare sites I’ve seen lately – comparing all the other sites. But don’t forget to check the actual airline websites too – sometimes they can be cheaper! And DON’T forget to check for baggage fees! Even though JetBlue can be more expensive, your first bag is always free, there are usually direct flights and all the drinks and snack on board are FREE – not to mention free in-flight TV AND MOVIES!

If I haven’t covered every single reason why you should and CAN take a little vaca, call me. Seriously. Or send me your email – I’ll send you photos of me sleeping on the beaches of Turks and Caicos and my deliciously rested face, and uninterrupted tan. You’ll change your mind.


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Stephanie Barnhart

Stephanie Barnhart


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