Summer puts lots of time on our hands. We love to enjoy nature, but can´t be out all the time (especially because we have very rainy summers on this side of the world). Therefore, TV can be a temptation these days, but, although I have nothing against choosing a good movie or an interesting documentary once in a while, I know that, with all this time on their hands my kiddo´s can declare a state of boredom, go on strike and start looking towards the idiot box (as my mama used to call it) for a way out. As I have said before, their minds are as important to me as their bodies and the effect that television can have on their beautiful minds is shocking . So it´s my job to not only say “no”, but to offer options and get involved, down and dirty with paint, newspaper and scissors and show them all the other options that summer can offer; show them how true creativity can make them feel happier and better about themselves. Here are a few craft ideas from my Pinterest craft board that we have on our summer to-do list.

  • For more info on the negative effects TV has on children I have included an interesting documentary on children and media at the end of this post.

Here is an interesting video that adresses the issue of media + children through a more scientific approach:

Although one of my children is in a Waldorf School, my younger daughter is in a Montessori school, my opinion about TV and children is wonderfully described by the following video, a more spiritual approach to the media + children issue :

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Claudia Almandoz

Claudia Almandoz


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