Playing Inside This Summer

So far this summer, Mother Nature has not cooperated with our play plans.  To help keep summer sizzling, we have taken our outdoor agenda and moved it inside.  Here’s a few ways you can still have fun without it raining on your parade!


Who said a picnic had to be outdoors?

Indoor picnics

Instead of nibbling on snacks and finger foods at your local park, move your living room furniture, spread out your favorite tablecloth or blanket and make the most of it with an indoor picnic.  To add more flare, dress up.  This will be sure to provide you with some great memories and conversation pieces for years to come.


Don’t let bad weather be an obstacle

Build an obstacle course

Does your child have some energy to burn after being cooped up?  When the rain keeps you from enjoying the park or outdoors, move the furniture around and create an obstacle course.  Have races to see how fast your little ones can move through the objects.  Soon, you’ll have a hot, sweaty, and well-exercised kid on your hands.


Creativity breeds creativity

Channel your inner artist

This summer we have created murals, canvas portraits, wind chimes, bookmarks, journals, scrapbooks, and various other art projects.  With only five sunny days during the months of June, we’ve had to be creative.  We’ve hit our local craft and fabric store several times to stock up on art supplies.  Busy hands make the time go faster!


You can never have enough books!


There is nothing like curling up with a good book on a rainy day. Reading to your pet, your parents, your siblings, or your stuffed animals is great practice for young kids.  Rainy days also make perfect days to visit your local library or bookstore!

What are your tricks for playing inside?


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