Those long winter months are on the horizon, but Summer is not yet over. Even into September, some days can be too hot to bring your little one out to play. Here is an idea to get you through those last sizzling summer afternoons!


Host an indoor movie! Don’t just pop in a DVD, jazz it up and make it an exciting event! First have them color and create their very own movie tickets to hand to the Usher (you) on the way into the “theater”. After you walk them to their VIP seating, come around with a tray full of goodies for them to choose from!


moviepost 002

Be sure to stock up on fun boxes of candy from the dollar store and place popcorn into some authentic plastic popcorn containers! You could also hand your child play money before the movie and add prices to each item on the treat tray for some added fun!

moviepost 001

Try to resist the urge to catch up on some laundry and dishes while the children are distracted.  You deserve to put your feet up and enjoy the movie as well!

If you have the flare for theatrics you could use your best movie description voice and explain the plots of a couple movies for your child to choose from!

Don’t forget to close all the curtains and dim the lights before the movie begins!


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