Fall is in the air, and as the season’s name suggests, things are beginning to drop—temperatures, leaves, and pounds put on from one too many summer BBQs. As we settle into a routine of packing lunches for our little ones, it is tempting to lose ourselves completely to the season of carpooling, trick-or-treating, and influenza—ick! By the time we’ve volunteered our seventh batch of semi-burnt cookies to the school bake sale, we will have all but forgotten about our significant others. Who needs a husband when your kids’ homework can keep you warm at night? Sex? Tempting, but we need to save our energy for next week’s spelling bee. Yikes—when we says it aloud, it sounds so much worse. So this autumn, instead of becoming a suburban cliché and sliding into the domestic abyss, fall in love again with some of the following suggestions…


  1. If you can stay awake to watch Top Chef Masters, you can certainly make time to read a chapter or two before bed. Pick a page-turner to transport you back to those dreaded days of being single. Nothing will make you feel lucky to have found your partner in crime like a snapshot of the dating scene. (Recommend: The Dinner Party, by Jenny Ladner Brenner) Light chick-lit not your thing? Read a tear-jerker to make you realize life is short, and would be even shorter without the one you love. (Must read: Me Before You, by Jojo Moyes)Wardrobe
  2. Play dress up. No, you don’t have to squeeze into a sexy nurse uniform to reignite the spark. A pair of fitted jeans could do the trick, as could a good bra. If you are used to running around in gym clothes (guilty as charged) or even worse—pajamas—you are sending a message to the world that you have given up and made a career out of coupon clipping. Making an effort even once a week will prove that you’ve still got it and will pique interest in spouses and baffled friends. They will wonder if you went to a spa or got work done, when really, you just stopped wearing pants with an elastic waist.Couple
  3. Book a date night that brings on the banter. Of course your looks helped snag your mate, but it was likely your witty conversation that sealed the deal. Going to the movies can be stuffy, smelly, and silent. Same goes for a play, ballet, opera, or god-awful avante garde art gallery. Pick a place that will lend to talking for hours and hours (or at least until your sitter becomes exorbitant).Family
  4. Finally, spend time together as a family. Say what?! Isn’t the point to ditch the kiddies and gulp down some margaritas on a beach somewhere? Not necessarily. If my husband is constantly negotiating his alone time, and if I am always trying to squeeze in a manicure while my baby naps, we are going to eventually lead disjointed lives. Why not have a family day at least once a weekend in order to share the best thing you have done as a couple? My husband is infinitesimally hotter when he is making our son giggle (or helping out as my diaper bag sherpa).

See? You don’t need to give up on your (debatably) better half just because school is in session. Get creative, get in the mood, and get it on…

Mamaste, JLB

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Jenny Ladner Brenner

Jenny Ladner Brenner

Jenny Ladner Brenner is a native New Yorker with a home on the Upper East Side. Somewhere in between tending to a toddler, caring for a cockapoo, and paying attention to an overworked husband, she managed to release her debut novel, THE DINNER PARTY, which explores the explosive cocktail of friendship and marriage among twenty-somethings living in New York City. Jenny has been featured and interviewed on various websites and blogs, and is currently refining the concept for her next “best seller.” More about Jenny and THE DINNER PARTY can be found HERE.