Happy FallHappy Fall Kidville Families!  One of our favorite fall traditions is the family outing to the pumpkin patch!  Don’t you just love picking the perfect pumpkin and then proudly decorating your perfect pumpkin find?  Rather than carving your Jack-O-Lantern this year, try one of these creative alternatives.

The Studded PumpkinThis look is easily accomplished in two simple steps.  Simply paint your pumpkin and then after the pumpkin has dried apply self-adhesive gems or studs.  You can create patterns, spell out initials or cover the surface of the pumpkin.

Studded Assorted Pumpkins - Kidville DIY Pick

Edgy Chic Pumpkins from Small Shop Studio 

Studded White Pumpkin - Kidville DIY Pick

Thumb Tack Pumpkin by Kelli Trontel

Glitter PumpkinWhy not make your pumpkin shine bright like a diamond?  Paint your pumpkin with glue and then sprinkle on your favorite glitter colors.  You can explore patterns and shapes with this technique.

Glitter Stripe Pumpkin - Kidville DIY Pick

Yesterday’s Sweetheart Glitter Pumpkin

ColorStart by deciding on a color palette or have each family member select their favorite color.  Then spray paint the pumpkins from top to bottom including the stems.  This will give you a chic monochromatic look.

Pick your fav color pumpkin - Kidville DIY Pick

Spray Pumpkins from Everyday Plaid

MustacheAdd some personality to your pumpkin by painting the surface white then hot gluing felt mustaches on top.  You can make different faces or expressions.

Moustache Pumpkin - Kidville DIY Pick

The Mustache Pumpkin by Annily Green

ChalkboardPaint your pumpkin with chalkboard paint and then let the fun begin.  You can draw faces, write message or include a countdown to Halloween!

Chalkboard Pumpkin - Kidville DIY PIck

Let us know which design is your favorite and follow us on Pinterest for our Halloween ideas.

Main Image Source // Happy Fall Source




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