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I don’t make it a habit of throwing around a lot of “F words” in my daily vernacular, but the words I’m going to share today are worth talking about. Here are six powerful F words that motivate the heck out of us mom entrepreneurs.

Freedom: One of my longtime Twitter friends recently posted on Facebook that she was celebrating the 12th anniversary of her escape from Corporate America. If you’re a mompreneur who has left a corporate job and started a business or a career you love, you know exactly what that word means. Being your own boss means you create work for yourself that allows you to honor your priorities, dreams and desires. For my friend, that meant moving to a whole new country and spending quality time with her family.

CalendarFlexibility: You gotta love a job that perfectly meshes with your family’s schedule. So when it’s Election Day and the kids are out of school, you can have a few extras sleepover, make a huge breakfast for everyone at 10am, play like crazy all day long and just enjoy the gift of a day off. You can move your client meetings and project deadlines to another day without having to get an okay from your boss. And then you can kiss those babies goodbye as you drop them at school the next morning and get back to work!

Fulfillment: There are so many ways we as mompreneurs can make money, and most of them are easier than starting up and running our own businesses. We choose this work because we seek fulfillment, something with purpose that aligns with our priorities. We feel like we’re adding something to the world and it fills us up to get it back, to be able to do the work we do.

Family: It’s often for the love of family that we start our own businesses, right? Even better: It’s great to be able to include our families in our businesses. I’m having a great time teaching my tween some data entry skills by having him input some client info into Excel for me. He’s learning a little bit about my business and gaining some spreadsheet ninja skills for himself. My kids also get to see how I set goals, make decisions, mess up, learn from my mistakes, and keep going. Who I’m being as a mom entrepreneur is valuable and significant to my family, and it allows me to share some smart lessons with my kids.

PiggyFinances:Now this may not be on the top of your list of favorite F words. You may love the word “Money,” but its cousin, “Finances,” is often left off the favorites list. If you’re going to run a business, you’re gonna have to learn to love your Finances. Knowing how much you’re spending, how much profit you’re keeping, what portion of your income you can reinvest in the company, how much your loans are costing you, etc. is critical to keeping your small business in the black.

Fear: I know, I know–you probably think I’m nuts for including this one in my list of favorite F words, but hear me out. In the MomBiz community this month, we are studying this word and its power over us. We are looking for ways to handle the things that scare us, since Fear can stop us, knock us off track, and cause us to quit or give up. But Fear can sometimes be an incredible motivator, can’t it? So rather than denying it, avoiding it and running from it, the women in our community are getting used to having, acknowledging and living with Fear. After all, as entrepreneurs, we are creating a path with our businesses that doesn’t already exist. We don’t have a guidebook telling us what to do, when to do it, and how to do it. It makes perfect sense that we are going to face a lot of unknowns and that those might strike Fear in our hearts. I know it’s a stretch to suggest that you learn to love Fear, but why not try re-framing it as a powerful motivator to help you do what you want to do?

So that’s my list of favorite F words for mompreneurs. What have I missed? What words would you add to the list?

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