Hey there, beauty mamas! I don’t know about you, but it’s been rainy in my neck of the woods. Wet wet wet. And weird weather – flips flops one day and sweatshirt and boots the next! This month’s Birchbox worked really well for this back and forth because it contained moisturizing products that weren’t too thick or heavy. And the lip/cheek color doesn’t scream any one season.photo (12)

One new thing this month is flagrant product promotion which they call a “Special Bonus” item. Major props to Birchbox, though, as this is not in place of another item in the box – just a freebie! And to top it off, there is a coupon.


The idea with this odd looking contraption is that it helps you quickly put a bun in your hair. It does work after some finagling, but covering the Half-Up device with your hair after putting the bun in (so you don’t see the device) takes some practice. It is helpful if another set of eyes can help you with this to make sure it is covered.

Serious Skincare, Glycolic Gommage Extreme Renewal Exfoliating Facial


The directions are to apply this micro-exfoliator on clean skin and let sit for 10 minutes. When I first put it on it burned a tiny bit, but quickly went away. The consistency is fairly thick, with what feel like very fine-grained sand. My skin felt great afterwards – very fresh, clean, and soft! However, this is not for the sensitive-skinned! I really liked this, but judging from the slight burning feeling at the beginning and I don’t have particularly sensitive skin, I would suggest steering clear if you consider yourself more sensitive. I loved this, though, and would definitely consider buying this for use once or twice a week. (As a side note, why are the majority of these masks/peels gray or black?! It looks awfully gross in the sink!)

Supergoop! City Sunscreen Serum


I used this Sunscreen Serum in place of moisturizer, post-face wash and pre-makeup. It went on smoothly and didn’t smell too sunscreeny. I must admit I probably didn’t get the full test of the sunscreen capabilities because it’s been fairly cloudy and rainy for days on end.

theBalm, Stainiac


I’m not going to lie. I already owned this. I really like this product because it’s so versitile; it can be used on cheeks or lips. The color of both the one I already owned and the one that Birchbox sent me is “Beauty Queen” which seems to work well for me to add a pop of color without looking clown-ish. The only thing to be aware of before applying it to your cheeks is what you put under it. If you put on a thick moisturizer then you will need to let that soak in so that the Stainiac will blend well.

Special Bonus:

ChapStick hydration lock


My lips get chapped basically from a glass of water so I was extremely skeptical that the Chapstick brand would be able to help my lips at all. But boy, was I wrong! This chapstick is great! It lasted hours and hours and even after I couldn’t actually feel it on my lips, I didn’t need to use any other lip moisturizer for quite awhile. Well done, Chapstick!

As the leaves change and we get ready for Thanksgiving, take some time to pamper yourself. Stay dry and enjoy!

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Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks is a nurse that has worked in both fertility and neonatal ICU. She lives with her husband and two wonderful sons outside of Washington, D.C.