Decorating is something I’ve shied away from in my life.  I have friends that can look in a magazine or on any crafty website and replicate just about anything.  I’m not as gifted, but I like to do projects.  I have a six year old who is pretty artsy and creative.  He likes to stay busy.  When completing projects I always try to let him make the project.  It won’t look perfect, but it will look like a six year old and it will be his.  I love the ownership and pride he takes in his work.  We try to incorporate some of the projects into our holiday/seasonal decorating.  It won’t look like a magazine cover, but that is okay with this mom.  His projects warm my heart and our home.  Perhaps you’ll enjoy trying some of these decorating ideas this season.


Apple Prints:


Take one apple, cut in half, so the seeds/star design shows.  Remove seeds and press into various paint colors, or paint the apple with a brush.  Press the apple onto paper.  Let Dry and you’ll have some pretty sassy artwork for your fridge, walls, or countertops.

Place Mats:  Picture4Picture3

Before setting the table this Thanksgiving allow your child to create a placemat for each member of the family.  Let he/she write a little note why he/she is thankful for that family member.  The result will be a cherished memento for mom, dad, grandpa, grandma, and siblings.  You may have to include tissues with your Turkey this year!

Napkin tags:


Use foam stickers, Popsicle sticks and google eyes to create Thanksgiving turkeys to place on your guest’s napkins this holiday.  Not only will this be a fun activity for you child on a cold, fall afternoon, it will make your Thanksgiving table sparkle!   Guests can take their turkey on a stick with them as a souvenir from dinner.

Have a great Thanksgiving!

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