Finding great presents for little children is not an easy task. With literately thousands of toys to choose from, narrowing down a list of toys that would be great under the tree is a mammoth task. That’s why we at Kidville wanted to make your job just a little bit easier this Holiday season by reviewing a selection of gifts that we believe are great for a variety of ages.


Instead of reviewing the toys ourselves, we decided it would be best to tap into our terrific network of moms. We chose some of our best mommy bloggers to test and review our favorite toys. From Magna-Tiles to costumes to puzzles and everything in between, these reviews will help you decide what is the best gift to give your little ones. Over the course of the next ten days, you will find recommendations from real moms who have beautifully documented their child’s experience with these toys in words and pictures.

Look out for our first toy review shortly.

Happy Holidays!

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