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#2) Melissa & Doug Nesting Garage:

Reviewed by: Happy Aston

Our three-year-old son loves numbers, anything on wheels, and building things.  He is also very interested in showing his younger sister how things work and telling her what an object is called.

PictureWe recently received the Melissa & Doug Nesting Garage set, for ages 2-5 and knew that our son would be captivated.  The set includes seven brightly colored (and numbered) wooden cars with cardboard garages that are graduated in size so that they nest for easy storage.  The garages match the color, number, and size of the cars.


We gave our son the toy while his 20-month-old sister was napping and without being prompted, he immediately started organizing the garages in a sequence. From there, he stacked the garages, drove the cars round and round the tower, then told the cars when it was a green light or red light or their turn to go into (or come out of) their respective garages. This lasted nearly two hours.


Once his sister woke up, she immediately wanted to also play with the cars. I’ll admit that I got a little nervous – there’s often a power struggle over toys, especially new items, in our home. Imagine how pleased we were when our pre-schooler started quizzing his little sister, asking her what number or color was on each car.  He then asked her to help him organize the garages from smallest to largest – she cooperated – and then to put each car with the right garage.  They did this for another 30 minutes before we all headed out on an errand.

When we returned a few hours later, both kids made a beeline for the cars and garages.  They stacked and made towers, organized the garages in numerical order, and mixed and matched colors and numbers for nearly an hour before it was time to eat and then get ready for bed.


It has been nearly a week and our children are both still interested in the set.  Our son likes to stack the garages on our kitchen table (just out of reach of his sister).  She has also informed me that the cars like to ‘sleep’ in the garages.

I love the fact that they can cooperatively play with an educational toy that stimulates their senses, is quiet, doesn’t require batteries, is gender-neutral, and is age-appropriate and safe for both of them.  We have many Melissa & Doug toys in our home and this one has been a hit!

Find at: Toys R’ Us

The Melissa & Doug Nesting Sorting Garages & Vehicles set comes with seven stackable garages and seven wooden cars; suggested for ages 2 and up.

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