The human species never ceases to amaze me—especially as we seem to be devolving into sub-sapien form. My most recent jaw-dropping moment?

Me: Excuse me, but did you drop that money? (Envision a beckoning forty bucks at a busty blonde’s hooves).

Her: Oh—no. But thanks. (She picks up and pockets the bills, flashing me a fake smile and a hand full of bling).

So much for finders-keepers! Well, I for one am refusing to jump on the bandwagon of gratitude-turned-attitude this holiday season. I am letting go of my inner-grouch, and will instead pay homage to the people, places, and things that make my life pretty good…



To the steamy cocktail of Echinacea, OJ, ginger, green tea, raw agave, zinc, and vitamin C for keeping me cold-free during the season of sniffles.

To all my friends who belong to book clubs and inspire my reading list—I mean, who has time to be in a book club?

To my nanny, who loves my child as she would her own, and makes me (and of course, him, too) feel safe when I can’t be around.

To good Greek food and kale pizza. ‘Nuff said.

To spinning, which keeps off the bulge during my Halloween binge.

To Root Vanish, a fab new product from my colorist, Kazumi Morton—it keeps the stray grays in check in between appointments.

To my confidantes who talk me off the ledge when I seriously consider rhinoplasty once a year.

To Nasonex and Allegra, which help soothe my septum and render rhinoplasty moot (ish).

To crtitics—you keep my novel, The Dinner Party, on the radar.

To global warming, for making winters not quite as brutal as they used to be.

To my newish sunglasses, old Moncler coat, and even older Frye boots, for never letting me down.

To my husband, for being infuriating for weeks, and suddenly appreciating me out of nowhere—I love being caught off guard (and appreciated).

To my son, the most priceless piece of my life, even when he is purposely disobedient, unbearably cranky, or mean to the dog.

To my dog, for being patient even when she barks, and being gentle even when she growls.

To my family, for modeling the love and dysfunction essential to any healthy relationship.

And finally, to karma and all her bitchy reminders that we should be kind, generous, thoughtful, and thankful as often as possible.

Happy Thanksgiving, forgo the turkey, and Mamaste, JLB.


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Jenny Ladner Brenner

Jenny Ladner Brenner

Jenny Ladner Brenner is a native New Yorker with a home on the Upper East Side. Somewhere in between tending to a toddler, caring for a cockapoo, and paying attention to an overworked husband, she managed to release her debut novel, THE DINNER PARTY, which explores the explosive cocktail of friendship and marriage among twenty-somethings living in New York City. Jenny has been featured and interviewed on various websites and blogs, and is currently refining the concept for her next “best seller.” More about Jenny and THE DINNER PARTY can be found HERE.