This HIIT workout comes from Lindsay Brin’s Pretty Fierce Workout Series. Co-Founder of Mommy Coach, Moms Into Fitness® creator Lindsay Brin, C.P.T. & B.S.E. Exercise Science, is a pre/post-natal fitness expert, international author, and DVD fitness professional. She has starred in and choreographed 43 fitness DVDs designed for moms, based on her research with Major Universities. Brin’s programs are used to certify other fitness professionals.

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High Intensity Interval Training, AKA HIIT, is becoming a super popular workout method.  Moms love it because they can burn the same amount of calories in 20 minutes as they would spending 50 minutes on a treadmill!

Usually HIIT uses a 2:1 ratio of intense exercise: active recovery.  For example, 40 seconds of burpees followed by 20 seconds of walking.

HIIT has been around the exercise world for quite a while, but recently has caught fire for several reasons.

  • As mentioned above it burns about 2x more calories than the average workout.
  • It is the perfect workout for beginners and veteran gym bunnies alike.  It is all based on how many reps you can do.  Perform a few reps and take a break, easy right?!?!
  • Simple Choreography.  No 5-6-7-8 grapevine here!
  • HIIT can be used for Cardio and/or Toning.

In the HIIT workout we have for you today, we tackle Cardio and Toning all in one blasting calorie workout.  The best news?  It’s under 25 minutes.

Make sure you take it at your own level, performing as many reps as you feel comfortable.

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