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Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to reduce stress or take time for yourself? One of my new favorite ways to focus on myself and take time to relax is through acupuncture. I have to admit, before trying acupuncture I was a bit weary and skeptical; but, after a year of regular visits I am a believer! It has helped me to reduce stress and anxiety, become more relaxed, and alleviate back pain and skin irritation. One of my favorite aspects of my acupuncture treatment is the fact each treatment begins with a thorough discussion of how I am feeling physically and emotionally (specific pain anywhere, sleep/eat pattern, anxious, stressed, etc). That day’s acupuncture treatment (ie. pin points) is then determined based on this discussion. Every treatment is specific to what is going on in my mind and body at that time and varies every time. And by the way, the needles are tiny and don’t hurt!

Thank you to my friend and acupuncturist Juliet Farrell of Thrive and Heal Acupuncture for being a part of this video about the benefits of acupuncture, misconceptions around acupuncture, and how you can find an acupuncturist near you.

This post originally appeared on The Modern Mompreneur.

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