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Well it looks like yet ANOTHER snow day for my kids! Only 2 weeks back from the holidays and we’ve already had 3 days of delays or closings – annoying #polarvortex! Not only are snow days tough for mompreneurs because we have to figure out how to squeeze in work while the kids are home; but it is also tough to figure out how to entertain your children throughout the day. There are only so many movies and shows that they can watch!

In our Kidville Bethesda art classes, we teach several fun and easy art projects that are easy to replicate at home and will help to keep your little ones occupied. Check out my video for easy projects that your kids will love and will help to keep you sane on those fun snow days! Happy crafting!

This post originally appeared on The Modern Mompreneur.

Photo by Heidi Green Photography.

Anjali Varma

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Anjali Varma


Anjali Varma is the owner of Kidville in Bethesda Maryland.  She founded the website TheModernMompreneur, a blog that provides written and video content for busy moms trying to juggle it all.  She and her husband live in Bethesda with their two boys.  Anjali holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a BBA from the University of Michigan.