My eldest daughter, Margie, turned 14 last week. My wife and I sat her down a week before and asked what she wanted. She said that she wanted a necklace and I knew that I was in trouble. We are, what I guess one might call a modern family. I am a freelance writer and my wife is a partner in a law firm. Her job demands quite a bit more time than mine; thus, buying presents for our son and two daughters is generally left to me.

Buying jewelry for my girls is no easy task and I imagine it is the same with most young ladies. It isn’t that there is some expectation of being showered in diamonds and other precious gem so much as there is an expectation that the jewelry fit their tastes and style. Unfortunately, styles change quickly as do a teenager’s tastes.

Margie loves silver and turquoise. When one hears silver and turquoise, the first thing that comes to mind is Native American jewelry; fairly cut and dry.  The problem is that my wife and I took the girls to the International Folk Art Market in Santa Fe last summer they went on a buying rampage. In addition to dream catchers and kachina dolls, we loaded up on a ton of Native American jewelry so that was out as an option, as was anything with turquoise in it.

I planted myself in front of the computer and the hunt was on. I wanted to get her something beautiful with a little bit of a funky flare without necessarily breaking the bank. After an hour or so of surfing online, I came across Mave. Mave is an online art and design boutique highlighting the work of various emerging artists from around the world. They feature a number of young jewelry designers and I ended up going with a beautiful red coral ruby necklace designed by an Israeli woman named Annali. It’s a triple necklace made of brass beads and features a large teardrop red coral ruby…exactly what the doctor ordered. It is a contemporary/”folky” design with a bespoken feel. Margie loved it, my wife was happy and the necklace set us back only $65 so I came out a champ all around.



The last couple of decades have seen an explosion in malls and giant retail chains accompanied by a subsequent decrease in the number of local stores and boutiques. One of the results of this phenomenon is has become difficult to find something interesting and unique. That isn’t to say that there aren’t options it is just that we are given a choice of fairly generic options. Thankfully, the internet has stepped in to save us, offering an avenue of communication and access to a wide range of different products and ideas.

Next time that you are in the market for a creative gift or just looking for something interesting for the house, invest some time online.


Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Mave The opinions are completely the author’s own and based on his experience.