Much has been said about February’s abundance of chocolate and decadence. We carefully watch our P’s and Q’s in January and throw off all pretenses after just 31 days. February is all about beautifully baked chocolate desserts, rich sauces and sweet gooey confections. After a rather frightening kitchen accident on Super Bowl weekend, we’re taking a bit of a break from the baking and mixing and measuring this month and instead, focusing on things we can create together without appliances.

I asked my 7-year-old what flavors come to mind when she thinks about February. Chocolate was the first thing on her mind, but immediately after that came raspberry and mint. We put our heads together and came up with a Valentine’s Day drink recipe to delight budding chefs; it’s one part concoction, two parts fancy and all around delicious. It carries a wonderful message for loved ones: you make my life refreshing!

 Oooh LaLa Valentine's Day Drink Recipe by LaLa Lunchbox

Ooooh, LaLa Drinks Recipe

These were super fun to make together and delicious to drink. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 1 pint of raspberries
  • A few sprigs of fresh mint
  • A heart-shaped ice tray
  • Fancy straws (we used paper straws that are biodegradable)


Here’s how to make Oooh LaLa Drinks:

1. Wash and smash your raspberries into a puree using the back of a spoon

2. Chop the fresh mint

3. Place the raspberry puree into some of the sections of your heart-shaped tray

4. Place the mint into the remaining sections and fill with water

5. Freeze overnight

6. Fill a glass with water

7. Add heart-shaped ice cubes and straw




P.S.  As the ice cubes melt, they add more raspberry-mint flavor to your water plus a wonderfully festive pink color! Happy Valentine’s Day!

Oh LaLa Valentine's Day Drink Recipe by LaLa Lunchbox

LaLa Drink

Oooh LaLa Valentines Day Drink Recipe by LaLa Lunchbox

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