Age two is often called “terrible,” and yes, it’s a time of acting out, defiance and testing boundaries. Age two is also the time when toddlers start to develop their own interests, and enthusiastically give their hearts every day in song, dance, games and kisses. Here are a few things that my two-year-old is loving right now:


The Baby Shark Song

It’s in all our heads and drives us CRAZY, but nothing makes my daughter happier than singing over and over and over again … “Baby shark do do do doo, Mama shark do do do doooo!”


Getting Busy In The Kitchen

We play for hours (ok, minutes!) with the felt food we picked up for cheap at IKEA. Fruit, vegetables, pasta and cupcakes. We bake, stir and then enjoy our (fake) dessert.


What Does a Two Year Old Love

Fairies And Ballet In The Morning

Suddenly, no morning is complete until a tutu, fairy wings and ballet shoes are donned. And not just by the toddler. Some days a construction hat is added.


All Music, All The Time

A kid-sized guitar is played enthusiastically at all times of the day. Drums are bashed with glee. Bells, shakers and a xylophone are all accompaniments to sweet toddler singing.


A Sudden Onset Of Disney

Minnie, Mickey and Princess Sofia reign supreme. “I’m a princess!” is declared frequently.


What Does a Two Year Old Love

Twirling And Tutus

My toddler has a new-found love for ballet. Trying to plie and working on her turns. She’s so proud to she us her moves.


What Does a Two Year Old Love

Running And Climbing

This active toddler just wants to run and climb and push herself to her physical limits.


First Friends

Age two is the magical age where toddlers get attached to people, including other children. My toddlers squeals in glee when she sees her little besties, unable to control her joy. From parallel play to actually playing together – it’s so adorable I could watch them all day.

 Eric Carle Very Hungry Ceterpillar

Getting Literary

The best part of our day is just before bedtime, when my toddler curls up on my lap and we read books together. She knows them so well that she helps tell the story. Her current favourite: The Very Hungry Caterpillar.


Voices from the Ville - What Does a Two Year Old Love

Hugs And Kisses

The best outcome of this outpouring of love is the affection shown to my husband I by our toddler. Endless hugs and kisses, arms tightened around our necks, noses rubbed together, “I love you Mummy!”

THIS is love. THIS is why I became a parent. THIS is what gets us through the tantrums and defiant acts and sleepless nights. Every second of every day, it’s all about love.


Christine Knight

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Christine Knight


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