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What Makes JBuddies Kidville-Approved?

JBuddies are acoustically designed and formed for children ages two and up. The JBuddies feature a built-in volume limiter which ensures a safe listening experience by limiting the volume to less than 90dB.  These headphones are manufactured with a durable, split resistant plastic and include a travel pouch for busy parents on the go.  Other features include hypoallergenic ear cushions, multiple theme stickers, an easy to use volume knob, and designs and colors that kids are sure to love.


Don’t just take our word for it… we had three Kidville families road-test the product and here’s what Kidville kids (and their moms) had to say:


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Eliza, age 4

Where did the JBuddies go with Eliza?
In the car, playing in the playroom, during dinner…all of the time!

What did Eliza listen to?
The soundtrack  to a certain movie that rhymes with “Chosen.” (We can’t say the name out loud or she might hear and want to watch it…again).

What did Eliza like about the JBuddies headphones?
She was thrilled that the headphones came in pink and with eight stickers to personalize them.

What did Eliza’s mom like about the headphones?
She liked the volume regulator so that parents can limit the volume of their kids’ music.  She also likes that they come with a little bag for storage.  Even Eliza’s 18-month-old sister liked playing with them – and they are made of a strong plastic that endured her twisting and pulling.

Read the full review from Eliza and her mom Becky here.

JLab review

Ian, age 4.5

Where did the JBuddies go with Ian?
To the restaurant where he was able to watch cartoons (and hear them for once), and in the car where he got to listen to his favorite music back-to-back.

What did Ian listen to?
Let it Go” by Idina Menzel (or so called Adele Dazeem :) ), “Wake Me Up” by Avicii, “Brave” by Sara Bareilles, and “Roar” by Katy Perry. He is very excited to listen to all of his favorite songs on his next plane trip to Turkey.

What did Ian like about the JBuddies headphones?
Choosing the sticker set and being able to easily find the volume control knob and adjust the sound level.

What did Ian’s mom like about the headphones?
The carry pouch. As the mom to a 2.5 year-old and a 4-year-old, she always has left over snacks (and lots of crumbs) in her purse, and she didn’t worry a bit that crumbs would get all over the headphones.

Read the full review from Ian and his mom Oncu here.

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Gracie, age 7

Where did the JBuddies go with Gracie?
A three-hour train ride with mom.

What did Gracie listen to?
Let it Go” from Disney’s Frozen soundtrack (the current anthem of little girls everywhere).

What did Gracie like about the JBuddies headphones?
She really loved the stay-on ear cushions, praising them for their “squishyness.” She also loved getting to choose from a selection of 3D stickers to personalize them. She painstakingly chose the roses, but put the rest in a “special spot” so that she could change them around when she felt like it.

What did Gracie’s mom like about the headphones?
The volume limiter! It allowed her to give Gracie full control of the volume without having to worry that she would damage her hearing or disturb the other passengers with residual music coming out of the headphones.

Read the full review from Gracie and her mom Amy here.

Disclosure: JLab provided a free set of headphones for the purposes of writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are the authors’ own.



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