Travelling with kids is always a challenge. It requires me as a parent to be a bit of a soothsayer, anticipating what my child will need or want along the way. I have crazy conversations with myself as I pack, talking myself into, and then out of, bringing a plethora of random items, “just in case.” Thankfully we are out of the baby-baby stage, where you basically require a UHaul to load up all of the “essentials.” I once remember seriously considering bringing our rocking chair, because that was THE ONLY CHAIR IN THE UNIVERSE that our son would fall asleep in. And to my new-mom, haven’t-slept-or-showered-in-a-week self, it seemed like a perfectly reasonable request. Having since made several 3,000-mile-plus treks across the states with my four kids means that I have seen my fair share of the road, complete with mid-trip meltdowns that would make a banshee plead for mercy. So it felt like quite a luxury when just this last week, my 7-year-old daughter Gracie and I got to ride a train up to Sacramento, just us two. Only three hours? With ONE child? Piece of cake.

Two days before our train date arrived, these adorable, pink JLab Kids Headphones showed up on our doorstep. Gracie was ecstatic. She loved getting to choose from a selection of 3D stickers to personalize them. She painstakingly chose the roses, but put the rest in a “special spot” so that she could change them around when she felt like it. The headphones also included a soft pink bag to carry them in, which was great. The plastic felt really durable, so I had no worries as we tossed the bag into my purse and got ready for our trip.

side view headphones


On the train, Gracie couldn’t wait to try the headphones. She really loved the stay-on ear cushions, praising them for their “squishyness.” We quickly plugged them into my iPhone, and turned on the current anthem of little girls everywhere, “Let It Go,” from Disney’s FROZEN soundtrack. I absolutely loved the volume limiter! It allowed me to give her full control of the volume, and I didn’t have to worry that she would damage her hearing or disturb the other passengers with residual music coming out of the headphones, since there wasn’t any. Now if only I could get a volume limiter installed on the actual child, we’d be set. Thankfully, the man next to us looked more amused than annoyed as she belted out, “I’m one with the wind and skyyy-eeee-iiiiii!”

Overall, these headphones from JLab are definitely a product that I would recommend and purchase myself. $19 is a small price to pay for peaceful travel with a happy child.


Disclosure: JLab provided a free set of headphones for the purposes of writing this review.  Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are the author’s own.

Amy Dixon

Amy Dixon


Growing up as one of seven siblings, the only peace and quiet Amy Dixon ever got was inside the pages of a book. Now a writer, runner, and mom, her first picture book, MARATHON MOUSE, was published in November of 2012. She writes from her home in Clovis, California, where she lives with her four little inspirations and her marathon-running husband, Rob.