Many moons ago, before the onslaught of social media, I believed in the art of photography and that great personal moments should be displayed in your home as art. I created a niche that delivers museum quality images that will last for generations. These days anyone can get a good picture printed and even get enhancements and retouching through some of the upscale consumer sites. But it never fails, around this time of year I get frantic calls from some of my retail clients asking if I can print something from their session quickly for a gift for Mother’s Day (and same goes right before Father’s Day). I can usually be accommodating and get an album or one of my specialty print alternatives delivered in time.


Lucite and Wood mounted prints; custom archival albums and one of kind mixed media pop paintings are some of the options I offer my clients. I am so proud of these unique alternatives that I make sure I show off on social media or anyone that comes by the studio before they are packed for delivery to hang permantily in someone’s home. My son is in awe of what I do and asks tons of questions. I have definitely passed on my beliefs about fine art photography to him and he knows the difference between art and a simple reprint.

Zebra Pen Shoot

This year he has been asking a lot more questions about who makes my prints, how I know what to paint and where I store all our personal images. I think he wants to do something special for me for Mother’s Day with our photos. It’s truly wonderful to know that he sees the importance of carefully crafted images but we have plenty of shots of him and family enhancing our home. That’s what I do. What I want most from him is something personal. I would love one of his charming poems, maybe a personal piano concert or a few coupons that will give me hugs or clean his room when I ask. Mother’s Day, for me, is not about an expensive present but more about knowing my tween son is starting to think on his own and become aware of what he can do to make others happy. The gifts I treasure most are the goofy art projects he has created by himself, that collect dust on my end tables but make me smile daily. By being so intense about my art combined with this age of consumption I need to teach my son that the gifts I crave are conceived from his heart.

Happy Mother’s Day to all!



// All photos are the author’s own


Sue Barr

Sue Barr


Award winning photographer, Sue Barr, has been capturing the the extra-ordinary moments of children and families for close to 2 decades.
She started shooting kids and families in their natural environments long before it in vogue and continues to do it for a wide variety of clients Her recent Advertising and Editorial assignments include Luvs Diapers, Disney and Johnson and Johnson as well as numerous national and international publications. She shoots private commissions with the same sensibility as her commercial work and her clientele include some of the most prestigious families in the tri state area and beyond as well as the kids in her neighborhood.

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