As a mom of course I want my boys to eat as much produce as possible. But I also know that if I appear to be pushing fruits and veggies at them in any way, it has the opposite effect. Enter: cute and fun kids books! I was so excited to get these books from Kitchen Club Kids because my boys absolutely adore books and I really enjoy food/cooking. What a great idea to blend the two! We got “End of the Rainbow Fruit Salad” and “Garden Safari Vegetable Soup” which was the perfect combination, giving equal weight to both fruits and veggies.



In all honesty my 16 month old mostly loved the bright colors, but did turn his attention when I said the names of the produce. The books are really geared towards an older audience anyway – about 2 years and up.


My 4 year old enjoyed it for a variety of reasons. The pictures are both whimsical and fun which instantly grabbed his attention. The way the author describes creating something (a recipe) drew him in, as he likes to create new things (calling all those that love Legos, playdoh, etc!) The books catered to his methodical way of thinking, giving step-by-step instructions. They emphasize numbers and colors while rhyming:

“Count three blue potatoes, Idaho’s pride

Cube each blue potato. Into the pot they slide.”


In both books there is a cucumber dressed up on each page. It’s fun to try to find him and some of his outfits are pretty silly (anyone ever seen a cucumber wearing a cowboy hat?).

These books are a great way to expose your kiddos to new fruits and vegetables they may not have tried before. After reading this book we currently have blue potatoes at our house! It also encouraged me to get out of our produce rut. I realized that neither of my boys have ever tried papaya!

In terms of ease of use, the full recipe is at the end of the book so you aren’t going page by page to make it. Both the recipes (one from each book) involve a lot of chopping and peeling which isn’t able to be done by the kids. It is easy for them to loose interest in the recipe while you are doing all this, so I’d suggest prepping it ahead of time so all the ingrediants are ready to go!

After we got these books I decided to check out the website and discovered that the authors are so passionate about bringing healthy food to everyone that:

“Every year, we will donate proceeds from our book sales to help put food on the tables of those who find themselves in difficult situations.”

I LOVE that and decided to use these books as a jumping off point to discuss some larger issues with my boys about healthy food and helping others have food for their tables. My 4 year old said “yeah, because everyone needs Goldfish!” It’s not exactly what I was going for, but it’s a start!

I recommend checking these books out! Not only did I enjoy them because they incorporate so many skills and talking points, but my boys grew a new interest in produce. Win-win!

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Disclosure: The author received free samples of the books for the purposes of writing this review. All opinions are the author’s own. 

Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks

Alisa Brooks is a nurse that has worked in both fertility and neonatal ICU. She lives with her husband and two wonderful sons outside of Washington, D.C.