Heart shaped animals

Still have to put together the Valentine’s for your child’s party? Or just looking for a few fun Valentine’s Day themed arts and crafts? Check out these fun crafts which your kids will love and that you all can create with items you probably already have in your home.

Heart Shaped Valentine Animals
Blogger Crafty Morning provides cute, creative ways to make animals out of heart shaped construction paper. We put together the elephant and the cat but the Web site offers several other animal ideas including a caterpillar, dog and an adorable “Hoo Loves You” owl.


Bookmark Valentines
Instead of buying your Valentines for the class party, why not make them? This is an easy craft that your children can replicate for all of their classmates. All you will need is construction paper, ribbon, and anything else you would like to use to decorate the bookmark (markers, crayons, glitter).

Handprint hearts

Handprint Heart
I am a big fan of handprint arts and crafts because every year you can see how your child, and in this case the heart, grow over time. For this project all you need is paint, construction paper, and of course your little one’s hands. (It’s easiest to paint their hands, press them to the paper, and then go wash right away.)

Love notes jar

Love Notes Jar
This is one of my favorite projects and even the least crafty parents and kids can put this together. Similar to a gratitude jar, The Caffeinated Army Wife’s love notes jar is filled with little messages that your family puts together indicating why you love one another. This will be a fun week-long project filling the jar together. And what better way to celebrate Valentine’s Day than a family dinner when you go around and read the love notes together?

Conversation Heart Science
This is a cute science project from blogger Coffee Cups and Crayons using those tiny conversation hearts that always pop up during Valentine’s season. Add different ingredients like water, honey, and vinegar to the candy hearts and see what happens.

watercolor heart

Watercolor Heart
This is a popular project in our Kidville art classes. Have your child decorate a coffee filter with markers and glitter and then use a dropper to sprinkle water droplets all over the filter. The colors will run making a beautiful watercolor heart.

Happy crafting and Happy Valentine’s Day!


Varma is the founder of The Modern Mompreneur and owner of Bethesda’s Kidville. Check out her Pinterest board for more fun ideas.


Anjali Varma

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Anjali Varma


Anjali Varma is the owner of Kidville in Bethesda Maryland.  She founded the website TheModernMompreneur, a blog that provides written and video content for busy moms trying to juggle it all.  She and her husband live in Bethesda with their two boys.  Anjali holds an MBA from NYU Stern School of Business and a BBA from the University of Michigan.