Parents Night Off

Parents Night Off


Kid’s Night Out, Parent’s Night Off is an educational and interactive childcare company providing developmental and behavioral classes/services for children. Our services are based on an educator’s 14-year training module, which we use to assist and empower parents with children from infancy through age 5.

Specifically, our services include educational babysitting, with tiered pricing designed to meet every parent’s needs, whether last-minute or scheduled in advance. This service is for children from infancy through age 10.

In addition, we offer our “Traveling Teacher’s” workshops, led by an educator with 14 years of experience and tailored to meet the needs of busy NYC families. These workshops address important issues pertaining to major childhood milestones and development. A book The Teacher’s Confession: Your Practical Guide to Childcare, owing its origins to the material covered in our workshops, will be released in June 2013.

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