Milda M. De Voe

Milda M. De Voe


Milda M. De Voe is the founding director of Pen Parentis, Ltd., a nonprofit that provides resources to authors who are also parents ( She writes under the name M. M. De Voe ( and has two great kids in Lower Manhattan.

Pen Parentis offers a $1,000 Fellowship to fiction writers who are new parents (must have one child under ten to be eligible) to help them stay on creative track. Winners are invited to read their work alongside established writers in September 2014 in Manhattan, and the winning story will be published by Brain/Child Magazine (application deadline April 16th and guidelines on

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You wouldn’t expect it but we have childhood nostalgia mostly for the things that weren’t entirely perfect. Milda DeVoe reflects on the realization that these little flaws are the true beauty of childhood.


I offer this gift idea for that hard-working, heavy-lifting, deep-thinking, always-trying-to-do-the-best-thing guy-who-has-it-all. He, more than anyone, often forgets that the most effective solution to those terrifying adult moments is an infusion of kid-friendly love.

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